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Genii Inc. was founded in 2007 to innovate, develop and market a family of electrosurgical products that meet a critical demand for change in how the gastroenterology marketplace purchases and uses electrosurgical devices.

We understand our customer’s current pressures to do more with less. We understand our customer’s pressures to standardize equipment and procedures to save time as well as money, and to promote better patient outcomes with fewer errors. We are ready to partner with our customers in raising the bar toward excellence in electrosurgical education and customer service.

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¦The TouchSoft Coagulator® – a simple to use, less expensive monopolar option for treating routine lesions in the gut
¦The Genii gi 4000 argon capable generator coming soon to revolutionize the way users interface with a generator, and to finally make true standardization of electrosurgical units possible. It does it all and fits anywhere!
¦Customer service where ‘above and beyond’ is just where we start!
¦Electrosurgical education resources that are research based and balance
Genii is uniquely expert in both the technology of electrosurgery and the clinical specialties of gastroenterology and therapeutic flexible bronchoscopy. Contact us soon to see how ingenuity can work for you.

At Genii we are driven by excellence. Our corporate culture values quality, integrity, ingenuity and diversity. We ‘go green’ in every way whenever possible.

Our mission:
“To offer safe, innovative, cost effective and reliable electrosurgical products. To promote safe and effective procedures through excellence in product design, clinical education and customer service.”